Division Memo No. 67 S. 2016 – Rescheduling of the Orientation Workshop on the Enhanced Learning Resource and Management Development System (LRMDS)

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Reminders for the Orientation-Workshop for the Enhanced LRMDS for Clusters 2 and 3 on March 15 to 16, 2016
Cluster 2 Elementary (West Baguio, Baguio Central, North Quezon Districts)
Cluster 3 Elementary (Quezon, Lucban and Mabini Districts)
The additional materials stated below must also be brought by each participant by his or her own choosing
1. Learner’s Material
2. Teacher’s Guide (which is a pair with the Learner’s Material)
3. Curriculum Guide that is inline with the Teacher’s Guide and the Learner’s Material.
Also, please be reminded that the following must be brought
1. Laptop
2. Pocket Wifi (must be functional and confirmed to be working with the Laptop)
3. Extension Cords
Please pass these to your fellow teachers who are designated to attend the seminar-workshop
Again, Thank You Everyone for your support! 😀
-LRMDS Core Team

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